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Mastering these four steps can solve most problems of spiral elevator

Author:Guangzhou yuete Machinery Co., Ltd Click: Time:2020-08-28 17:36:47

As a transmission part of pure mechanical structure, spiral elevator has two speed ratios: fast ratio and slow speed ratio. In fact, this kind of transmission equipment is not easy to have problems, and its service life is very long. If it is used correctly, it can even be free of maintenance and repair. However, there are still some installation, use or environmental problems, which will make the spiral elevator have some large and small problems, but when these problems occur, many on-site personnel will not know how to deal with them. So we've sorted out a few steps for you today, and we won't be so flustered next time there's a problem.

Step 1: stop the machine first. No matter what happens to the spiral elevator, we need to quickly cut off the power supply and stop using it. This is the most basic operation and the most important thing to do. Spiral elevator structure is worm gear structure, it has self-locking, so cut off the power supply will not occur load shedding. Of course, if you are using a ball screw elevator, first let the workpiece reach a safe position and then cut off the power supply. Demail demail transmission www.1sj.org Step two: recheck. After the screw rod elevator is stopped, we need to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the elevator next step. First of all, we check the connection between the mounting surface and the screw head (nut) and the workpiece to see if the set bolt is loose and whether there are other problems at the connection. Then check whether the screw rod bears the lateral force to cause the problem. If there are no problems in these places, we need to contact our technical personnel to check whether there is a problem inside the box. Step 3: repair the lift. If it is a problem that some on-site personnel can operate, then the on-site personnel can directly carry out maintenance. If you don't have a person who knows the mechanical equipment on site, you need to contact our company to guide the maintenance. Do not do it blindly, because if you have problems in operation, it will affect our technicians for troubleshooting and maintenance. The last step is to find out why. Because the elevator will not break down for no reason, as we said before, the transmission equipment of this mechanical structure will not have problems in normal use, so if your elevator has problems, it must be caused by improper operation or installation. We need to further investigate the cause of the problem, find out the cause, and make timely changes to avoid the same situation It happened again.

In addition, if the production process does not respond to the high level of panic, the problem can not be solved in a timely manner, so as to ensure the safety of the production process. We are Demai transmission, professional linear transmission solution provider, we look forward to cooperating with you.

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