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Some common problems in the use of hydraulic elevator

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The hydraulic elevators have been tested and adjusted before the original factory. All kinds of performance indexes meet the requirements of the design scheme. The switch power supply is only required for the application, and the hydraulic press and circuit system do not need to be adjusted. Hydraulic lift in the application to pay attention to, must be placed on a solid and level road, to prevent overturning when working. Press and hold the "up" or "down" button to make the console lift. If the console does not move, it should be shut down for inspection. If the pressure of the electric hydraulic elevator is too high or the sound is abnormal, it should be checked by standby to prevent the mechanical equipment from being damaged. The working attitude of the pin shaft should be maintained regularly in January. If the pin shaft and screw are loose, it must be clamped tightly to prevent the pin from falling down and causing safety accidents. The gear oil should be kept clean and replaced every 6 months; when maintaining and cleaning the hydraulic elevator, the safety support rod should be carried as far as possible.

Maintenance of hydraulic elevator

1. Monthly maintenance

During the maintenance of the lifting platform, the staff must hang the hydraulic elevator when entering the internal work of the lifting platform, so as to avoid casualties caused by the sudden lowering of the lifting platform.

A. Check the lubrication degree and damage condition of roller, intermediate shaft and rolling bearing; hydraulic cylinder shaft pin and rolling bearing; telescopic arm hinge shaft and rolling bearing;

B. The components are filled with grease. Increase the service life of rolling bearing.

C. Check the quality and quantity of gear oil. When the lifting platform reaches the maximum, the gear oil level should be 40-50 mm higher than the bottom of the automobile oil tank. When the gear oil is dark, sticky, or there are dirt such as gravel in the oil, the gear oil should be removed and replaced immediately. The hydraulic transmission system of lifting platform uses 32 × 10 gear oil.

2. Maintenance at the end of the year

A. Check the connection position of hydraulic press and pipeline. If the pipeline is damaged, it should be replaced immediately; if the connection position is loose, tighten the tee joint.

B. Remove and remove the lowering valve, blow the valve core with air compression, and then install it from the new one.

C. Drain all gear oil in the car oil tank, open the oil tank, remove the oil suction filter, put it into the car oil tank after cleaning, and install according to the origin. The car's tank is refilled with new oil.

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