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What is the lifting speed of hydraulic elevator?

Author:Guangzhou yuete Machinery Co., Ltd Click: Time:2020-08-28 17:42:23

Friends who have known about the hydraulic elevator all know that the biggest feature of the hydraulic elevator is its smooth lifting and good safety. However, it also has a disadvantage. Compared with the elevator's speed of tens of meters a minute, the speed of the hydraulic elevator is about 5-7 meters per minute.

The lifting speed is generally acceptable to customers, but for some customers with high lifting height, high frequency of elevator use and requirement of improving work efficiency, they are still a little slow. They always ask Xinta elevator a question: can the speed be improved?

Can the speed of hydraulic elevator be increased?

The answer is yes and No.


First of all, in order to meet customer requirements, we can increase the speed of the elevator by increasing the motor. The fastest speed can be increased to 8-10 meters per minute.

But at the same time, as a professional elevator manufacturer, we do not recommend that you speed up the elevator too fast. Limited by the structure of the hydraulic elevator, not suitable for speed too fast. For example, our guideway, for example, we are hard landing.

What is the effect of too fast elevator speed?

1、 Second, it is easy to increase the failure rate;

Of course, we can adjust the lifting speed properly, and the descending speed of the general elevator can be adjusted.

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