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Is the construction elevator the same as the construction elevator?

Author:Guangzhou yuete Machinery Co., Ltd Click: Time:2020-08-28 17:44:56

Construction elevator is generally called construction elevator, but the definition of construction elevator is broader. All belong to one type of lifting machinery and equipment. Here follow Xinfeng construction machinery in-depth analysis. The construction elevator adopts the control module structure. In the whole process of application in the engineering construction, the lifting platform should be continuously moved along with the construction project, so its structure must be conducive to disassembly and assembly. For example, after the application of this construction site is completed, the lifting platform is disintegrated and transported to another construction site for re assembly and re application.

The construction elevator relies on galvanized steel wire rope to keep fit. Most of the elevator components are fixed on the building, and the key load-bearing is borne by the building. Its up and down, left and right fitness exercise is based on galvanized steel wire rope to maintain. The construction elevator consists of elevator car and counterweight on the other side, which are connected with each other according to galvanized steel wire rope. The galvanized steel wire rope is driven by the drive equipment in the elevator main engine room to make the elevator and counterweight do up and down fitness exercise on the slide rail in the elevator shaft. Therefore, the construction elevator can be used in mobile, more convenient. But the construction elevator must be fixed in one area, the safety factor is high.

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