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Treatment of power failure of hydraulic lift

Author:Guangzhou yuete Machinery Co., Ltd Click: Time:2020-09-24 15:45:58

Power failure is a common problem in our life, which often brings trouble to people. For example, hydraulic cargo elevator, hydraulic lifting platform, elevator. Because the hydraulic goods elevator uses the motor, so cannot leave the electricity. We are often at a loss when there is a power failure when people and objects are working, and accidents will occur if we do not deal with them properly. Many customers do not know how to solve this problem. In order to prevent the occurrence of this accident during the production of equipment, protective devices are added to the equipment in advance.

Guangzhou yuete mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. the following is to introduce how to lower the hydraulic cargo elevator in the state of power failure.

1. When the hydraulic cargo elevator is in the rising state, it will stop at the original position and will not descend. This is also a kind of protection, in order to prevent the hydraulic cargo elevator from falling due to accidents.

2. However, if there is a power failure when carrying people or objects. Hydraulic cargo elevator cannot get down in space. Therefore, we added a manual pressure relief valve in the design to prevent this situation. Of course, if the button fails to work when using, you can also use this button. Generally, this button is next to the hydraulic oil tank, because the position of different models is different. If you don't understand, you can call us for help

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