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The reason why the speed of lifting platform becomes slow

Author:Guangzhou yuete Machinery Co., Ltd Click: Time:2020-09-24 15:50:53

After the equipment is purchased and used, due to improper use or aging, dirt use of hydraulic elevator has produced the phenomenon of slow down. When the speed becomes slow, consider the hydraulic oil flow first. The factors affecting the flow of hydraulic oil are: hydraulic pipeline, hydraulic valve, hydraulic oil pump, motor speed regulating device, etc. The following blog will give you an introduction to the four reasons for slowing down and adjustment methods.

Reason one: hydraulic pump is also an important factor affecting the flow of hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic pump is used for a long time, it is easy to have problems. When the speed of the hydraulic elevator platform becomes slow, check whether the oil supply flow of the hydraulic pump is stable. If any problem is found, contact the manufacturer in time to avoid the warranty period.

Reason 2: there may be leakage in the hydraulic system. Check whether there is leakage in the hydraulic system. Check the connection of hydraulic pipe and joint, oil cylinder and hydraulic valve. If there is leakage of hydraulic oil, replace the composite gasket or wrap the raw material belt.

Reason 3: the hydraulic pipeline may be blocked. Hydraulic pipeline is also an important link, check whether the hydraulic pipeline is smooth. Check whether the hydraulic valves, including one-way stop valve, electromagnetic directional valve, proportional control valve and overflow valve, are blocked and stuck. If there are problems, the hydraulic valve should be cleaned or replaced in time.

There are four reasons for the deterioration of hydraulic oil. After the hydraulic oil is used for a long time, there may be impurities or deterioration in the hydraulic oil. Take samples for inspection to see if there are solid particles, discoloration and odor. The hydraulic oil should be replaced.

The overflow valve is generally located in the pump station, and there is a regulating valve on one side. Its function is to prevent the hydraulic system pressure from being too high. In order to protect the hydraulic system, it is dangerous to set the relief valve only. If the pressure in the oil cylinder or oil pipe is too high, it is likely to cause serious failure of explosion. Chongqing elevator customers because of their own adjustment of the relief valve to stop the fault. Fortunately, there was no major failure.

Only when the hydraulic elevator cannot start with load, the hydraulic system pressure should be checked. If the pressure is lower than the normal range, the relief valve setting value can be adjusted.

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